Shamanic Journeying

Partnering with Compassionate Spirits:
An Introduction to Essential Shamanism

For millennia, shamans worldwide have initiated contact with compassionate helping spirits using the technique of shamanic journeying. Described as “the path of direct revelation,” shamanism provides a means for entering into partnership with benevolent unseen beings for the purposes of receiving guidance and healing for yourself and others. The purpose of the introductory shamanic journeying workshop is to awaken your innate ability to practice shamanic journeying. There is no prerequisite for this workshop, nor is any prior experience needed. Everyone has helping spirits, and anyone can learn how to journey in order to be in direct relationship with them.

During this four-day immersion in shamanic journeying, you will:

  • Learn how to open the subtle pathways of perception that enable you to sense, see, hear, touch, smell, taste, and feel in the nonphysical dimensions of reality where we encounter our helping spirits
  • Forge relationships with your Power Animal, Gate Keeper and Body Protector — the helping spirits who specialize in mediating your experience of the unseen world
  • Meet your Medicine Council — the helping spirits who support you in identifying, understanding, cultivating, and sharing your unique medicine in this lifetime
  • Explore your nonphysical Power Place where you can access the specialized resources that support the refinement of your spiritual power
  • Initiate contact with your helping spirits using the technique of shamanic journeying in order to receive guidance and healing for yourself and others
  • Establish a stable shamanic journeying practice that you can use as a resource in every area of your life

A Note Regarding the Pandemic

Dear Friends,

I so look forward to when I can safely resume leading in-person introductory shamanic journeying workshops! My current thinking is that I will make a decision in the Fall about whether to schedule a workshop towards the end of this year or wait until early 2022, depending on the state of the pandemic. If you would like to be kept abreast of what I decide, I hope you will take a moment to sign up for my newsletter. 

In the meantime, may you and yours remain healthy and well as we gradually reemerge this summer.

With love,


Tuition: $375

A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your space. If you provide a deposit and then are unable to attend, your deposit may be applied to a future workshop. If you have completed an introductory shamanic journeying workshop with Julie in the past and you wish to attend this workshop in order to renew your practice, you may do so at no charge. 

I came to the introductory journeying workshop without any idea about shamanism or shamanic practices.

Julie created a safe and embracing space which allowed me to fully explore all aspects of shamanic practice. Not only did I learn about shamanism but I also learned through Julie’s example compassionate listening, integrity in our words, clarity in communication, and that when we turn things around and look at them there is almost always a humorous side! Shamanism has enriched my life beyond what I could imagine! I have connected with my inner knowing. I can discern more clearly what is true for me. I can perceive more clearly the connectedness of all things and my place in this web of life. And I walk through the day no longer alone but in companionship with my helping spirits. I feel fortunate to have found a teacher and mentor with such integrity and clarity."


I came to Julie's introductory workshop as someone experienced in shamanic journeying.

However, my practice had become more and more sporadic over the years, and I felt a growing sense of disconnection from my helping spirits.I joined Julie's workshop seeking to reconnect, revitalize, and recommit to my path, and I am so glad I did. Julie's heartful presence, her compassion, her incredible dedication to the work, and her deft facilitation and presentation of the material combined to provide a deep, powerful experience I will hold in my heart always. In addition to covering concepts familiar to me, the three-day workshop included some new (to me) journeys, material, and points of view that were thoughtful and enriching. I recommend this workshop to--certainly--those new to journeying, but also to those wishing to renew their practice. I will definitely take advantage of any opportunity I have to study with Julie in the future."

Beth Anne
Richmond, IN

Julie’s introductory course on Partnering with Compassionate Spirits provides a thorough introduction to the practice of shamanism.

New to the work, I felt gently guided by Julie to experience the journeys in a safe, contained environment. By the end of the weekend, I’d met many of my spiritual guides and felt prepared and inspired to begin practicing a valuable healing modality. Julie’s grounded commitment to the shamanic practice allows her teachings to be authentic and supported by her spirit guides."

Kim Amadore
Orange County, CA

For me, Julie is a bridge. Her rigor, her precision, her dedication to ethical practice and her constant circling back to feedback and evidence made her the ideal teacher for me.

As I attended her introductory workshop, her competency and the firm planting of her feet in the ground inspired me to think "I can do this!" Julie models professionalism, connection to nature, dedication to human empowerment and devotion to beauty and truth. My life, the lives of my clients and hopefully the lives of the beings that share our planet with us are all improved by the practices that Julie skillfully presents to someone as new to all this as I am. Even better, she doesn't tell you how to do it, she sets a template for you to find your own path. I have learned, under Julie's thoughtful tutelage, that not only is there a place for shamanic practices in everyday life, but that useful practical things benefit immensely from the wisdom of our natural world."

Sophia Rickard
Boulder, CO


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